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The origins of ASE S.p.A. date back to 1919 with the foundation of Magneti Marelli Group, one of the most important Italian companies in those years. The development and production of electromechanical and electrical equipment for fixed and rotary-wing aircraft and defence vehicles began in 1946, when  the company became known as Magneti Marelli Avio division.

Activities began with the manufacturing under license of the Electric Power Generation System and Electronic Ignition Unit for the F104S program. Becoming independent under the name of Magneti Marelli Avio in 1987, the company experienced a rapid period of growth, and started to be involved in the most important National and European programs with products developed in house.

Subsequently known as Magneti Marelli S.p.A., and then Fiat Avio S.p.A., the company belonged to Fiat Group until 1998, when it became the privately-owned ASE S.p.A.  
Thanks to continuous investments in the development of new products and strategic partnerships, ASE has been able to establish itself firmly not only in the Italian, but also in the European, Middle and Far East Aerospace and Defence market.
In 2009 a transfer of ownership, followed by a radical management reorganization, marked a turning point in the history of ASE, opening a new era of expansion based on investments in design and management information systems, production and test equipment, and an increase of human resources, particularly in the areas of design, quality control and laboratory testing.

Today ASE is  ready to take on the challenge of the next decade with a good backlog of projects in development and a rich portfolio of programs.