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Civil & Defence Fixed-Wing Aircraft

  • AW139
  • Carro Armato

ASE is strongly involved in European multinational Defence Fixed-Wing Aircraft programs, such as Eurofighter Typhoon , Tornado, AMX, M346 and A400M.

The high quality and reliability of its Power Generation and Distribution systems, and the validity of the product support ASE is able to guarantee are the key points for the participation of the company in all the initiatives aimed at modifying or improving existing platforms or future projects.

With specific regard to the segment of Civil Fixed-Wing Aircraft, ASE has been supporting A380 fleet successfully for over ten years.

Thanks to the robust family of AC and DC Generators the company has been developing and manufacturing for over 60 years and its innovative generation of Brushless Starter Generators, ASE is ready to take on the challenge of next decade with a focus to increasing its participation in the Civil segment, especially in the field of business jets.


Civil & Defence Rotary-Wing Aircraft

The segment of Defence & Civil Rotary-Wing Aircraft  is at the core of ASE’s strategy.
The reliability and advanced tailored technology of its systems have awarded ASE to be the preferred supplier for all AgustaWestland’s  new Defence & Civil programs.  
Several AgustaWestland’s  Rotary-Wing platforms are already powered by ASE’s systems: AW101/EH101, AW129, T129, AW139, AW159, not to mention new AW149 and AW189.
ASE supports the Defence & Civil Rotary-Wing Aircraft segment also in the Indian market, where the company boasts a long and profitable business relationship with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.  ASE is proud to have been selected as “partner of choice” for the supply of Power Generation on A.L.H. (Advance Light Helicopter), L.C.H. (Light Combat Helicopter) and L.U.H. (Light Utility Helicopter).
Last but not least is the participation of ASE in Eurocopter’s Program CH-53GA.


ASE has developed and currently supplies Power Generation and Distribution systems also for some UAVs like the Israeli Heron TP and Dassault’s nEUROn. New opportunities are envisaged for similar applications.

Defence Vehicles

In addition to its Power Generation systems, ASE supports several Iveco’s and Oto Melara’s Defence Vehicle platforms such as B1 CENTAURO, LMV, VBM, PUMA, ARIETE C1 and VCC80 by supplying also fuel and braking systems.