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At ASE our focus is Customer value. On time delivery and perfect quality of products and services are the main targets of our employees and management.
ASE is an approved supplier of several major Companies in the aerospace and defence market.
Our Quality Management System complies with the following standards:        

Please click on the link to download quality approval certificates in .pdf format.

Lean Philosophy

ASE is developing a customized Continuous Improvement program, called , in order to create an effective and efficient operative system that understands the real value for the Customer and delivers the expected service.

The Lean Manufacturing principles and techniques constitute the core of . They are utilized to improve internal processes in order to obtain rapid and continual improvement in quality, delivery and cost, minimizing any kind of waste.

Since the launch of the Continuous Improvement program the company has experienced significant changes in organization and culture, based on:

  • the extensive implementation of 6S in offices and manufacturing departments;
  • the adoption of the Value Stream Mapping technique to improve processes;
  • the active involvement of operative personnel in Kaizen events;
  • the relentless application of Root Cause Analysis and adoption of Mistake Proofing solutions;
  • the implementation of Cellular Manufacturing (one piece flow) with a continuous and smooth flow of materials and parts through the production line;
  • the reduction of inventory and cycle time;
  • the application of TPM concepts to guarantee the repeatability, reproducibility and accuracy of equipment critical to productivity and to minimize time spent for repair;
  • the contribution of the human resources at all levels to the general improvement of the working environment.
All the benefits conquered through the above mentioned changes have allowed the Company to remain competitive on the market and gain new business.